Crowson Road Study

Crowson Road Stream and Riparian Buffer Restoration

GCWA was awarded a three-year, 319 Nonpoint Source (NPS) Grant from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) for stream and riparian buffer restoration on Gills Creek along Crowson Road in October 2017. The grant will reduce NPS pollution by restoring approximately 1800 feet of Gills Creek to include riparian buffer enhancements and stormwater best management practices. The City of Columbia is providing the majority of matching funds and will maintain the buffer and stormwater improvements. The GCWA is also actively seeking additional funds to enhance and extend the project.

This project will be integrated into the proposed Gills Creek Greenway A, funded by the Richland County Transportation Penny, from Ft. Jackson Blvd. to Rosewood Drive. The project will improve and enhance the appearance of the Cross Hill/Rosewood Crossing area.

A project steering committee was formed in late-2017 and held its first meeting in late November with key stakeholders including the landowners and representatives from the GCWA, SCDHEC, the City of Columbia and the Richland County Transportation Penny Development Team (PDT). The project area is primarily in the Rosewood Crossing property which is owned by Bright-Meyers LLC.

The goal is to reshape the creek banks, replant the stream buffer with native plants, and reduce stormwater and non-point source pollution entering Gills Creek improving the health of the creek and the appeal of the Cross Hill/Rosewood Crossing area.

You will not see construction in the area beginning this spring! The City of Columbia sewer line upgrade has been rescheduled for 2019. We have met with the City regarding this project to ensure planning coordination with the stream restoration plans.

GCWA Request for Qualifications

The GCWA issued a Request for Statement of Qualifications from engineering and consulting firms to provide professional project management, design and construction management services for this project. The selection process is complete and we are negotiating a scope of service.

Supporting and background information:

Gills Creek Greenway A information...

City of Columbia Commercial Devine St/Fort Jackson (Garners Ferry) Commercial Node Plan

GCWA Middle Watershed Plan...
Please note that this conceptual plan has been superseded by the Richland County Transportation Penny Gills Creek Greenway Section A project. The suggested stream and bank improvements are the types we would like to employ as part of this project.

Here is an informal study that presents a concept for the area former GCWA president Emily Jones prepared in 2011: Gills Creek at Crowson Road: Peeling Back the Pavement

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