Lakes and waterways are not only a beautiful and recreational part of nature but they are also extremely important for the health and wellbeing of the surrounding ecosystems. Since clean water is so essential for life, it is imperative to monitor the quality of water in the lakes and rivers as well as work to maintain its health.

Unfortunately, comprehensive monitoring requires a great amount of resources and it is not always possible for local and state governments to reach all of the bodies of water that may be of interest to the local citizens. That is why the Gill Creek Watershed Association has developed these tools to help you understand more about water quality sampling, to teach you to sample for limited issues in your own backyard, and to have a greater understanding of water quality concerns.




You can also choose to participate in the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream program which has expanded to South Carolina. This program requires you to attend training sessions and become certified for chemical, bacterial and biological testing.

For information on volunteer water sampling see the following web sites:

Dissolved Oxygen testing kits can be purchased online from CHEMetrics or other retail sources.

Coliscan Easygel which tests for E.coli can be obtained from Microbiology Labs.

The Ben Meadows web site sells Waterproof Combo Testers for routine pH, conductivity, TDS and temperature measurements.

Any mention of commercial products is for information only; it does not imply recommendation or endorsement by Gills Creek Watershed Association.

Revised Aug 23, 2016.
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