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Watershed Champion Home Certificate Application

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Check "Yes" below if you already have a Certified Carolina Yard or a Certified Wildlife Habitat, as each of these can serve as completion of steps 2 and 3.  Please provide confirming documentation by mail or email (see address at the end of the application.)

Certified Carolina Yard or Certified Wildlife Habitat?
Step 1. Know Your Location in the Watershed.

You can locate your home on a map of your watershed by first choosing one of the two suggested map links in the Program Description and Guidance. Then follow the directions there to locate your home on the map. Check the boxes below to confirm the following:

Step 2. Improve and/or sustain quality of water running over and through your yard by committing to do at least 3 of the following.

(Check at least 3.)

I commit to
Step 3. Enrich the ecosystem by doing the following.

(Check at least 3.)

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Step 4. Submit!

If you have met the requirements, submit this completed form, along with confirmation of Certified Carolina Yard or Certified Wildlife Habitat certification if appropriate. We will then send you a Watershed Champion certificate. Champions will also be featured in our newsletter The Big Splash, on our website, and in our annual report.

Check Yes if you wish to remain anonymous.
Check Yes if you would like a Watershed Champion Yard Sign, should they become available in the future.

Complete and submit online OR print and submit by mail or email: 

US Mail:
Watershed Champions Program
Gills Creek Watershed Association 
712 Main St, EWS 603
Columbia, SC  29208


Thank you for being a Watershed Champion!

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