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Become a Watershed Champion!

The Gills Creek Watershed Association invites you to become a “Watershed Champion.”

This program recognizes residents in the watershed who are taking steps to improve water quality and environmental habitat in Gills Creek through actions they take in their own gardens and yards. Collectively, we can clean our waters and improve our environment, and thus our health, by creating a continuous corridor of rich habitat. This benefits wildlife and humans alike, contributes to the greater good, and creates sustainable personal space for home life, work, and play. Our children will grow up exploring and reveling in the natural world – in their own back yards, or in public access to the waters of Gills Creek and its feeder streams.

Watershed Champion Certification

To be certified as a Watershed Champion, you must confirm that you are taking certain steps, which are outlined in the Certification Application. These steps
document actions that demonstrate or support the following achievements:

1) Knowledge of what watershed you live within.
2) Improvement in the quality of water that moves through your yard and garden.
3) Cultivation of a diverse, environmentally friendly yard and garden.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Go to Certification Application and complete the form.
Go to Program Description and Guidance for more information on the certification requirements and how they can be achieved, as well as a variety of
useful resources.

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