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Planning and Other Key Documents

Gills Creek Watershed Management Plan

Gills Creek Watershed Management Plan Update - 2020

Prepared for Gills Creek Watershed Association by McCormick Taylor through a grant from Richland County Conservation Commission.
Presented June 2020. (Adobe PDF - File Size: 24.6 MB)

The 2009 Gills Creek Watershed Management Plan has been updated in order to reflect changes in the watershed’s condition over the last ten years and to provide a more explicit listing of projects within the Gills Creek Watershed, along with predicted costs and expected results. Public input allowed pollutant “hotspots” within the watershed to be identified, helping to guide many of the specific projects within this plan. The report provided herein addresses EPA's nine required elements of watershed-based plans, including information such as: pollutant causes, sources, and amounts; current and predicted future development conditions; flooding concerns; best management practices; community engagement; and a schedule for implementing the plan, as well as measures of its success. This updated plan will provide myriad options not only for GCWA, but for local governments and others in the watershed. It is meant to be a living document, adjusted as needed to reflect watershed conditions and accommodate new threats, opportunities, and community concerns.

(Adobe PDF - File Size: 61.7 MB)
Prepared for Richland County Stormwater Management by Tetra Tech and BP Barber. Presented May 2009.
The 2009 Gills Creek Watershed Management Plan has been developed as a cooperative effort between the GCWA, Richland County, the City of Columbia, The University of South Carolina, SCDHEC, Tetra Tech and BP Barber in order to provide a comprehensive framework for the achievement of the stated goals of the community. The report provided herein addresses current watershed conditions, including pollutant sources and types, development conditions, environmental conditions such as stream and buffer quality, and flooding concerns.

Note: This Watershed Management Plan has since been updated. Please see "Gills Creek WMP Update - 2020" above for the most up-to-date plan.

Gills Creek Middle Watershed Plan

Following development of the Gills Creek Watershed Management Plan, a more specific plan focusing on the Middle Watershed was prepared in 2013 by Wood+Partners Inc. and McCormick Taylor, with support from Richland County.    

Middle Watershed Plan

Historic Planning Documents

Planning for better management of the Gills Creek Watershed began in the mid-1900's with a report prepared by the Department of Health and Environmental Control. However, thinking about improving the watershed began even earlier, with a report prepared at the turn of the last century.

The Gills Creek Watershed Project: An Urban Nonpoint Source Project (1996)

The Improvement of Columbia South Carolina, Kelsey and Guild (1906)

Gills Creek Watershed Association Strategic Plan

A streamlined Strategic Plan was approved by the GCWA Board in May, 2019.  It will be augmented with specific annual plans on a continuing basis. The plan builds on principles established through an earlier plan developed with input of community stakeholders, volunteers, board members, and staff, facilitated by the River Network. It has been updated annually since then.

Gills Creek Watershed Association Strategic Plan

Additional Reports

EPA Environmental Justice Small Grant Fish Study

Managing Stormwater Detention Compounds for the Layman

Managing Stormwater Detention Compounds for the Layman - Inspection Checklist

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