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Our Vision: A vibrant, restored Gills Creek that is protected, valued, and enjoyed by its watershed communities

Our Mission: The Gills Creek Watershed Association works to restore Gills Creek, educate the communities within its watershed, and advocate for the protection and preservation of the Creek's resources, beauty, and environmental sustainability.

The Gills Creek Watershed is among the largest impaired urban watersheds in South Carolina. The watershed's headwaters start above Sesquicentennial State Park and flow into the Congaree River just above Congaree Swamp National Park. Along the way, its 70 miles of streams and lakes and 47,000 acres of land affect citizens in Columbia, Forest Acres, Arcadia Lakes, Richland County, and the US Army’s Fort Jackson. Gills Creek Watershed Association is dedicated to restoring the watershed through education, grass roots action, public and private partnerships, remediation projects, and well managed development. The goal is to return the watershed to a living resource providing recreational opportunities, habitat for native wildlife and plants, and a national model for watershed planning and management.

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